Birth rate: The number of live births per thousand persons in a year.It is a major component of population change because in India birth rates have always been higher than death rates.
Death rate: The number of deaths per thousand persons in a year.
Migration : The movement of people from one place to another.Migration can be internal or international.
(1) Population change is the change that may result due to migration ,deathrate,birthrate and changes in age composition and sex ratio . (2)even when there is no population growth ,there may be a population change. (3) internal migration brings about a change in population of a country . (4) in a given population , if there is a change in the sex ratio ,it will be considered a population change # Birth rate : it is the no.of live births per 1000 Pearson's. #Death rate: it is the no.of deaths per 1000 Pearson's # Migration: it is divided into two parts - internal migration - external migration * internal migration: moving within the country, this doesn't change the size of the country but composition and distribution of population gets changed. * external migration: moving from one country to other, this changes the size of the population.