A boy goes for a walk in his lonely words because his parents have scolded him a lot that day because he didn't perform good in his finals and the same he had got his final results. This made him feel too much lonely hence he was going for a walk while he was walking the it started raining a lot he didn't know where to go. So he went under a large neem tree there so that he can escape form the rain. It was raining continuously and the boy had all most got wet totally. When he was standing there he observed that there were a gang of boys on their bikes with their cricket bats and a stumper ball. They started playing cricket match in the rain itself. This boy was too much interested a lot in the cricket match. So he went and pleased them to let him also play. They've agreed and they played a lot and this boy and the gang of other boys have become good friends. They've played a lot and then they were back home. this boy who was lonely now wasn't lonely any more because he enjoyed a lot.  
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