In flowering plants , the male gamete is not motile ( so called pollen grain ) and through pollinating agent ( like water, wind , insects depending upon the plants types ) they are reach up to the carpel terminal ( also called style) from then on , filiform apparatus of synergid cells ( present in the ovary ) help and directs the pollen grain with the help of pollen tube; through style and ultimately reaches the ovary where syngamy (fertilisation) occurs.

Also , a species of Red alga (name not sure; it should be Polysiphonia)  have a non-motile sperm (antherozoid) and non motile a egg or ovum. The syngamy occur in the water itself as the medium and they are carried passively through the water ; released egg and sperm from carpogonium and spermatangium are in large numbers to increase chances of syngamy.

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