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(a) What was strange about the manner in which Mrs. Bramble addressed her son? What did he feel about it?


Mrs. Bramble always referred to herself in the third person and treated ten-year-old Harold as a baby. He would feel irritated and wished that his mother would give him due credit of being a grown-up boy who had won prizes in spellings and dictation.

(b) Why was it necessary to keep Harold's father's profession a secret from him?


Harold’s father was a professional boxer but Harold was a scholarly child with a very gentle and sophisticated behaviour. Mr. Bramble and his wife considered that boxing was an inferior profession and it may become difficult for Harold to accept the image and qualities of his father as displayed by any professional boxer. Hence, they thought it was necessary to hide his father’s profession from him.

(c) When Mr. Bramble came to know that he was to become a father what were some of the names he decided upon? Why?


Mr. Bramble expressed a desire that the child should be named John after Mr. John L. Sullivan and if it was a girl, then she should be named Marie, after Miss Mary Lloyd.

(d) Describe Mr. Bramble as he has been described in the story.


Mr. Bramble was thirty one years old, of athletic built and weighed eight stone four. There was no one whom he could not defeat in the twenty round contest of boxing. Very famous, his feats in the ring were well known. But by nature he was too timid and could never have his way with his wife. He was a very devoted and an overprotective father.

(e) Why was Mrs. Bramble upset when she came to hear that Bill had decided not to fight?


Although Mrs. Bramble did not like her husband's profession as a boxer, she didn't want him to quit because it earned them good money and made it possible for them to educate Harold. If he beat Murphy at the final match, he would win prize money of five hundred pounds .Even if he lost, he would still get a hundred and twenty, and this money would have been a blessing because it was enough to give Harold a better start in life.
(f)  Who was Jerry Fisher? What did he say to try and convince Bill to change his mind?
Jerry Fisher was Bill’s trainer and he had been working hard at White Hart to train Bill for the boxing match, scheduled next week. Jerry tried to tempt Bill with the prize money and when he failed then he tried to emotionally blackmail him. If Bill withdrew, even Jerry’s career and reputation as a trainer would suffer. All the hard work they had put in together would go down the gutter.
(g) How did Harold come to know that his father was a boxer?
Jerry Fisher, Mrs. Bramble were trying to convince Bill not to back out from the fight. When Harold entered, Jerry Fisher told him the truth that his father was a professional boxer.
(h) Why was Harold upset that his father had not told him about his true identity? Give two reasons.
He was very upset with his father for not telling him his true identity for two reasons.(i) Harold was very hurt to know that his parents kept such a secret from him.(ii) Harold felt that he had missed the golden chance of winning respect and being the subject of envy of his classmates if they had known that his father was the famous boxer, ‘Young Porky’.
(i)  Do you agree with Harold's parents decision of hiding from him the fact that his father was a boxer? Why/Why not?
I agree with Harold’s parents’ decision of hiding from him the fact that his father was a boxer. Parents always think for the well being and good caring of children. They considered that a professional boxer was looked upon as a low-profile entertainer, and most of the people in the society did not respect a boxer. Therefore, they had a very good intention about their plan to keep it away from Harold.
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Value Based Question’s

1. Mr. Bramble wanted to hide the truth about his profession because he did not consider it a dignified one. Do you think it was the right attitude? Justify.

Value Points

-All sports recognized and reputed world wide

- Dignity of Professions

- Self-esteem is a pre-requisite to respect from others

-He did earn fame , glory , recognition and money as ‘Young Porky’

2-After reading the story you recollect one such incident of a student bullying your friend who didn’t belong to a very well to do family. It greatly disturbed you. On reaching home you write a diary entry reflecting on the incident.

Value Points

- Respect for all irrespective of economic status or class

- All professions respectful – dignity of labour

- Being sensitive towards the other

- Instilling a sense of self-esteem

 3--What kind of a boy was Harold, from the viewpoint of his family?

-he was quite decieving


-child prodigy.spelling dictation prizes

-showed a bit class for them.

4--Why did Harold’s father refuse to fight any more?

-they dint want harold to be off his track

5--What is Harold’s reaction when he discovers his father’s profession?

-he says about jolly thick

-being jolly sick

-being jolly wrotten

-he was quite proud

6--Do you agree that Harold was the genetic opposite of his father?

-no,he was not totaly opposite

-both are calm and decieving

-the little difference was that harold ran to intellect while his father ran to muscles

7--What is the theme of this short story?

-keeping a secret of a fathers proffesion from his son

-one day he comes to know about it

8--What did Harold’s parents think of boxing?

-it made them earn good money

-it made them give good education to harold

9--What kind of man was Major Stokes?

-he's quite a funny person

-Major Percy Stokes is really the odd man out in this story.

-He is against boxing

10-say about the trainer of mr.Bramble

-he's seeking for fame all the time

-would take revenge at any instant

-he's jerry fisher.

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