Gulliver arrived on Houyhnhnm Land by chance. Gulliver became the captain of his own ship, after a brief stay in England. He sailed towards the South Seas when his men protested against him and locked him up in his own cabin. Eventually, they deserted Gulliver on an island – Houyhnhnm Land. When Gulliver started exploring this island, he ran across a herd of deformed animals with hair on their heads and covering their genitals but leaving the rest of their bodies bare. They seemed to be agile. When Gulliver encountered one with the âat part of his sword, a whole bunch of them swarmed around him throwing faeces. But eventually he was rescued by a horse. The horse observed Gulliver carefully, and then it neighed in a complicated cadence. Another horse joins the árst and the two seemed to be involved in a discussion. Gulliver tried to leave, but one of the horses calls him back. The horses appeared to be so intelligent that Gulliver concludes that they are magicians who have transformed themselves into horses. He addressed them directly and asked to escort him to a house or village. The grey horse took Gulliver to a kind of stable where a bunch of those vile beasts from the earlier scene are kept chained to a wall. Gulliver realised the awful truth that these creatures are, in fact, humans just like Gulliver. Gulliver is then lined up and compared with one of those creatures, and Gulliver found that the creature does look quite human.