Chapter 11 begins with George telling J. a story about how he forgot to wind his watch before bed and ended up waking up at 3 in the morning. This aroused the suspicion of the police constables who found him walking around London in the wee hours of the morning. J., George and Harris went for a morning swim and later Harris, who had no idea how to make srambled eggs, tried his hand at it and failed miserably. They later arrive at Magna Carta island and J. mused about being a peasant at the time when King John signed the Magna Carta.

In Chapter 12, the men passed through Picnic Point where King Henry was known to have courted Anne Boleyn. J. spoke about the predicament of the locals who must have had a hard time giving privacy to the couple. He later added that it is indeed awkward walking in on couples who were “spooning”. They passed through the place where Earl Godwin was known to have choked after being accused of Edward the confessor’s brother’s murder. They finally came across a boy who offered them a place to stay in and they were grateful for it. After having forgotten the mustard at home, the trio settled for a can for pineapple to eat with lunch. They soon gave up after unsuccessfully trying to open the can. They passed by three old men fishing who cursed them because Harris’ poor steering disturbs the water. The friends decided to stay at an inn in Marlow that night.

Chapter 11

George and J. wake up at six the next morning, and cannot get back to sleep. George tells J. a story about how he once forgot to wind his watch before going to bed, which left him confused when he woke at three in the morning. He only realized the mistake when he arrived at work, and aroused the suspicion of several constables as he walked around London so late at night.

J. and George finally wake Harris. They had previously agreed to go for a morning swim, but are now reluctant to jump in the cold water. J. falls in and tries to trick his friends into joining him, but they refuse. J. also accidentally drops a shirt into the river, which George finds hilarious until he realizes it is actually his shirt.

Harris volunteers to make scrambled eggs, promising that they will be delicious. Of course, Harris has no idea how to make scrambled eggs, but George and J. enjoy watching him make a fool of himself in the process. Naturally, the eggs are inedible.

That morning, the men arrive at Magna Charta Island, near Runnymede. As the name suggests, Magna Charta Island is where King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215. J. speculates at length about what it would have been like to be a peasant living in Runnymede at the time of the event.