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Dear friend, it never skipped from my notice that you are having a habit of littering on streets. I don't know whether you are doing that on purpose or not. But anyways you need to bring that wholly to an end. Cause by littering waste you are being a part of the pollution . You are creating a reason for the wastes to get disposed on the road side which can later pave the way for the pathogens to grow . This will easily affect the health of our society. Even you can get affected by them . Do you think it is an easy job cleaning all the pavements?? Our government has appointed sweepers for cleaning. But that alone can't clean everything. Because our roads are so vast and it is not a practical solution for them to stand and clean all through out a day. We can be a part of cleaning the society by avoiding ourselves from dispersing wastes on road. There are waste bins for that. Our country is trying to avoid the wastes. Swach bharat is a part of that plan. We all need to put our hands together for that. So please avoid your current habit and join this mission . a small change in habit can be a reason for a revolution.
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