The features are very simple that Rust can't harm that pillar  Thought of Buddha are written on it.

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THey were placed in genral at Buddhist monasteries, pilgrim center, importantant places in Buddha's life.
they are about 40 to 50 feet high.  they could weigh upto 50 tons each.
Incriptions on them were Instructtions to monks and nuns.
they wer made in mathura or varanasi. They were made of sandstone, or quarried in chunar.
They have 4 component parts in 2 pieces:  3 sections are made in single piece , they attached by a large cylindrical metal rod. THe shafts are always plain and smooth, circular in cross section and are  tapering upwards.
The lower parts of the capitals have the shape and appearance of a gently arched bell formed of lotus petals.
The crowning animals are masterpieces of Mauryan art, shown either seated or standing, always in the round and chiselled as a single piece