Bishal lives on 5th floor of a building at the height of 25m. he carries his school bag weighting 5.2kg from the ground floor to his house. find the amount of work done by him and identify the force against which he has work done , where g=10m/sec square.

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hurry plzz tommorow i have my exam.
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   =5.2kg x 25m
   =130 J
Force against which he has done the work= 5.2 kg x 10 m/s2=52 J
is this correct. because my sir has done by using this
F=52n. W=F×(-S) because negative work done shows work against gravity. =52×(-25). =-1300joule
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Ya i have also done the same thng.........if we had 2 use w=f x s formula thn wt ws the purpose of giving value of g separately