Person 1 : Hi ! name. How r u?
Person 2 : I am fine.  How r u?
Person 1 : I am fine name.Do you know what's the special today?
Person 2 : No, I don't know. Can u tell me?
Person 1 : Its world water day. 
Person 2 : Oh ! Water day? But whats the special?
Person 1 : Water is very essential for survival. Without eating food we can live. But without water we can't live. 
Person 2 : Ya, u r right. 
Person 1 :  Now - a - days water is wasted by all. We should aware about water scarcity.
Person 2 : Can u give some pre-caustionary methods of saving water.
Person 1 : Yes. 1. Close the water tap while u r brushing.
2. Utilize the vegetable cutting water for watering plants.
Person 2 : Ok. Here after I will also advice others about saving the water.