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Family- the basic part of our society. It is also the very own reason why human civilization is far too progressed comparing others. A single new born child is not only new to this world but also to the life. So he / she has to be trained well for coping up with the situations in the society. Family plays an important role in that. Family provides a small environment for that child where he could act according to his desires. But that doesn't mean he is gonna act perfectly. The mistakes he does will be corrected by his family members. Like this, by the time he completes his adolescence, a new human will be born from him who is ready to accept the society and who will be also accepted by the society. We often finds many who find happiness in hurting others. It's because of the errors in his personality which had happened during his childhood due to lack of a good society. It is hard to change them later. So those guys keep on being headache for the whole society . Only family can bring a whole stop to those guys by moulding good personalities.