Me kleimen is a man who helps the Franks hide. Johannes Kleiman is arrested in 1944 but released because of poor health. He remains in Amsterdam until his death in 1959. Mr. Kleiman is also referred to as Mr. Koophuis.
2016-03-18T21:21:14+05:30 featurs Study Material Revision Notes NCERT Solutions Textbook Solutions Chapter Test Sample Papers Live Test Series Test Generator Recommended Questions Expert Answers Open Questions My Q&A Home > Ask & Answer > Class-X > English Abhishek Malhotra asked in English. on 23/9/13 Give a detailed and long character sketch of Mr. Kraler , Mr. Koophuis , Elli , Miep in " Diary of a Young Girl " . 0 Expert Answer Amrapali Saha posted on 25/9/13 MERITNATION EXPERT 4336 helpful votes in English Miep Gies was one of the two secretaries working in the building,she was the one who found Anne's diaries and tucked them away in the a desk drawer for safekeeping. Later she gave them diaries, unread, to Anne's father when it was clear that Anne would not survive the war. Miep had worked for Anne's father's company since 1933 and in the process become a close friend along with her husband Jan. She was the one of the main facilitator's in the Frank family's life in hiding in the secret annex,becoming their link with the outside world and the bringer of supplies for the family to subsist upon. Miep did this disregarding the fact that her own life could be in danger for assisting Jews at the time when they were being hunted for mass extermination.She initially helped them carry their belongings to the hiding place and then she would go grocery shopping with their food coupons.Miep always thought about the welfare of the girls and their entertainment,bringing them things that would keep them occupied because life could be extremely dull being locked up in an annex.Miep would also come with her husband to keep the families company and talk about pertinent issues or regale the girl. Mr Kugler had been instrumental in engineering the plan of their heading and in return the occupants of the household would pit cherries and make jams and jellies for his business and their personal consumption.He was their link to the outside world and a reassuring presence in the office who would ensure no harm came to them. Mr Kugler's office was a small,dark,stuffy back office that used to be shared by Mr Kugler and Mr van Daan but now the former was its only occupant. He was a thoughtful man who cared about the family and took care of their needs irrespective of the great risk to his life. Mr Kleiman had taken over Opekta from Anne's father and also Mr Kugler,Gies & Co., the company dealing in spices and spice substitutes that was set up in 1941. He used to work in the big front office along with Miep and Bep,his wife was aware of her husband assisting the Frank family but she was too scared to come and meet them. Mr Kleiman had been very generous towards the family so the girls would can cherries and rhubarbs for his business as well. He lent books to the Margot and Peter to read and pass their time in confinement and every other week he'd get books to read for Anne's age. Anne was very fond of him, calling him their 'merry sunshine' and being worried about him because he suffered from bouts of gastrointestinal haemorrhaging.He was also their link to the outside world.
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