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1. the consumers have a right to be informed sufficient details about the product they are purchasing or have purchased.  If there is any good or bad effect in the short run or long run on a consumers life, that must be informed at the time of purchase.  If there is a problem with the product purchased, how to deal with that problem must be informed. The components or ingradients of the product must be informed.  If the product is harmful to children, it must be informed.  If the product gets affected due to high temperature, wetness etc., it must be informed.
 THe proper use of a product must be informed.

2. The consumer can choose from a list of goods or services what he/she would like. It is not permitted for a seller to force a consumer to buy a product of one kind or another. The seller can only offer, recommend a service or product. THe consumer makes the final decision.  sometimes, it happens that when we buy a product, we are bound to buy another specified product only.  To prevent from this we have consumer act. the act gives us the rights.