Because men are generally supposed to work outside and earn high salaries.
Women are generally thought to belong inside the house taking care of the household chores, raising children etc.
Hope this helps. You can expand on these points.
Becoz they thinks that boys can do the things which girls cant....
they also thinks that boys can keep their respect high bt normally it does not happens . girls are more intelligent and smarter than boys bt parents thinks that they are useless..........

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God! I meant that both boys and girls are intelligent. We can't say that girls are more intelligent than boys or vice versa
I understood the point what u are telling to me
im telling u that but u had to agree that girls are smarter and boys isn't it
I said both boys and girls are intelligent. THE SAME LEVEL OF INTELLIGENCE.I've been telling you again and again, we can't say that one gender is superior to the other!
So I am telling that only I agree that both girls and boys are intelligent