packletide was a person from british. her wish to shoot a tiger.her paid companion was mrs mebbin. she was more concerned about money. loona bimberton is a women who killed the tigers ang got the name among people. packletide dislike bimberton she is doing this for making jeoulous in loona bimberton. in packletide mind she thought after shooting she  will conduct a party and invite the loona bimberton. packletide also gave money to villagers for helping her in shooting the tiger. she want to shoot the old tiger so she need not want any risk and over excertion. they tide one goat so tiger will come near the goat so they shoot him atlast she shoot the tiger died but was no any bullet mark on tiger. the bullet mark was on goat. she incorrectly. tiger died due to sound of riffle.though she shot the goat, villagers appreciated her by beating the drums because of money. she conduct a party and invite the loona bimberton but she didn't attend the party because of jeolous