The primary role of a family in society is to foster an environment where the child learn skills, morals and values. Families provide initial socialization for children that shapes their self-worth, attitudes, values and behaviors. Families create structure and stability in the lives of family members
Family is the most important and crucial institution of socializing a child. Soon after the birth, a child has to be with the mother and the child learns particular behavioral patterns from her and this is one of the crucial experience in his life. the child learns to interact with other members or individuals in the family.Activities such as sucking milk, smiling, carefulness and totteringare important in primary socialization. The infant gets fulfilled all the physical and psychological needs within the family itself.Child rearing practices such as nutrition, sleeping and use of toiletsare to be trained at home. However, all these practices keepchanging from society to society. In addition to child rearingpractices, rewarding, threatening, punishing, bargaining andpleading help to socialize a particular child. Intention of all thesemethods is to make the child conformed to the society.
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