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Protecting wildlife should be today's priority as not only animals but trees in forests are also decreasing. Community and Government can go hand in hand to save wildlife with cooperation. Government has made certain rules regarding this and can implement more such strict rules and the work of community is to follow those rules and not to break them. People should think about the wildlife and should not destroy it. This is one of the ways how community and government can go hand in hand to save wildlife.
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To protect the flora and fauna of the country, the gov. had taken many steps. 1)14biosphere reserve have been set up in the country to protect flora and fauna. four out of these are , the sunderbans in the west Bengal, nanda devi in uttarakhand, the gulf of mannar in Tamil nadu and the nilgiris ( Kerala , Karnataka , and Tamil nadu) have been included in the world network of biosphere reserves.
2)project tiger, project rhino, project great Indian bustard and many other eco- developmental projects have been introduced.
3)89 national park , 490 wildlife sanctuaries and zoological gardens are setup to take care of natural heritage.
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