It is a wonderful experience in spending time in the waiting room of a railway station especially in AC waiting room i once had such an experience which i would like to share with you all.i was too early for my train and it was terrifying to keep standing in the station with too much of crowd here and there,there was a lot of hustle and bustle and so it made me too irritated.there were people boarding from the train and their families to welcome was my first train journey and so i was not at all familiar with all that which was happening.i was suggest to sit in a so called waiting room for some time when i had asked a worker.i was silly standing there for so was around 10:15 when i entered the waiting room.i felt odd 
sitting there alone but after some time there were families and families coming and sitting.i felt better as i was being accompanied by someone or the was weird to listen to people's personal talks and stare at what they do but i could not stop from doing was around 15 minutes that i was sitting there,i felt hungr and asked one woman,"where could i find a food shop?".she was a old lady and said ,"instead you can have my snacks.". she offered me a cup of coffee in a thermos and some chps.i thanked her and felt good. we had a warm conversation and eventually became good friends.there were now too many people in the small room.there was a family and through their dressing sense i felt they were from rajasthan.the lady was wearing a ghagra ans some silver jewels.they had two kids 
wearing big turbans.there was another South Indian family who looked well educated through their behavior.we all were strangers to each other and were staring each.i  was feeling odd when a woman was staring me since long time and asked me which place am i going to.i simply said goa.she was too suspicious and went on asking me a dozen of questions and i was simply answering her.while talking time went on i she came to sit near me. was feeling scared and so i said her i  am late for my train.would like to meet you again and ran towards the door.she gave me a cunning look.i saw my train coming from far and ran towards the the railway the train arrived i was very excited and nervous was a good experience in the waiting room and i would never forget is a great opportunity to know people and their different behaviors and i would next time be more careful and not open my mouth to such suspicous people and tell them my information.though  terrific but a great experience.i have now learned how to behave with stangers and their questions and even to handle the railay station.