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1. mobile
2. backpacks and bags
3. first aid kit(not necessary)
4. extra clothes
5. jacket/sweater
6. packaged snacks (not really necessary/important)
7. mobile charger
8. torch light
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Footwear, gaiters, socks, clothing (extremities), sleeping bag, sun protection, day packs of trekking and climbing, Camping mattress, eg thermarest pad, Light and expedition weight thermal tops, Fleece Wind-Stopper jacket, Waterproof shell jacket, Light weight thermal gloves, sun glasses from uv protection etc
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Hahahaa :P thanks sisoooo
those things are unnecessary simply food,clothes nd very very comfartable mat will be suitable
Then what about the other things that are useful for trekking like pair of shoes and
And rest for the climatic conditions present there :P