❗dimag hai❓to jawab do❗ एक लड़का एक लड़की से उसका नाम पूछता है... वो कहती है मेरा नाम मेरी कार की नम्बर प्लेट में छुपा है कार का नम्बर था WV733N लड़की का नाम बताइए❓❓ ⏳ Time startsnow⏳



निलम है लड़की का नाम  becozz if we place the number plate opposite we will get the number as neelam
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im sry...if des cnts hurt u
i didnt get hurt from this silly comments
and i am not that type of girl
and i am cool than the other two others
as ...if the number plate is observed from the other side then u will find
which is NEELAM

............HOPE THIS HELPS.....^-^
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answer of zesta is gud
and there is no rule in brainly that answer given by 1st person shuld only be marked as brainliest