Rajya sabha is the upper house of parliment of india.
in this president of india has power to elect 12 members out of 250.
its powers are limited when compared with lokh sabha.
the members of rajya sabha and lokh saba together elect vice president.
law making........equal powers with lokh sabha.
financial.............weak powers and cant introduce money bills
(a) The Rajya Sabha acting along with the Lok Sabha can impeach the President on charges of violation of the Constitution.
(b) The Rajya Sabha can also pass a special address for causing the removal of a judge of the Supreme Court or of any High Court.
(c) The charges against the Vice-President can be leveled only in the Rajya Sabha.
(d) The Rajya Sabha can pass a resolution for the removal of some high officers like the Attorney General of India, Comptroller and Auditor General and Chief Election Commissioner.

The Rajya Sabha can pass a resolution by 2/3rd majority of its members for declaring a State List subject as a subject of national importance. Such a resolution empowers the Union Parliament to legislate on such a state subject for a period of one year. Such resolutions can be repeatedly passed by the Rajya Sabha.

(ii) Power in respect of Creation or Abolition of an All India Service:

The Rajya Sabha has the power to create one or more new All India Services. It can do so by passing a resolution supported by 2/3rd majority on the plea of national interest. In a similar way, the Rajya Sabha can disband an existing All India Service

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