This is mainly because amphibians are loosing their habitat..they are mostly aquatic ..and presently water is being polluted so amphibians cant many are dead.Rapid environmental changes typically cause extinctions. Of all species that have existed on Earth, 99.9 percent are now extinct..this is why there are fewer species of amphibians on Earth than any other type of vertebrate
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the amphibians are basically the animals that stay in water as well as the land. but now a days they are trying to be on the land itself because the water is too much polluted a lot because of the human activities and even other naturally occurring pollution. the amphibians on this earth are very less when compared to the vertebrates. the amphibians are the only animals on the earth that can stay in water and even on land. they can breath in water and even on land. the amphibians are really great animals because they show exact adaptation to their surrounding but they are in less population when compared to the vertebrates on our earth. this less population is also getting extinct day by day we need to save the amphibians because they are good at adaptation and even the are special animals.