1) Plant cell have Cell walls ; and shows plasmolysis and cytolysis ( in both the process cell wall provide stability against hypotonic and hypertonic solutions) while animal cell does not possess any cell wall.

2)Plant cell have one huge vacuole ; while animal cell have considerably small vacuoles than plant and they have more than one vacuoles eg:- Adipose tissue (animal cells which stores fats)

3)Almost all animal cells have centrioles ( those who helps in cell division ) but in plants cells only inferior plant tissues like meristematic cells ( those which are present in shoot tip and responsible for growth)

4) Plants cells as they are autotrophs ( those who creates food  by their own )  they have chloroplast (where photosynthesis occurs ) while animal cells don't have any chloroplasts.

5)Plant cells have Starch as their stored food while Animal cells have glycogen.

6)As Plants don't move places like animals they have fixed shapes and small variety of sizes and types while animal cells have multiple shapes sizes and functions.

7) Only Animal cells possess Lysosome ( which contains digestive enzymes/juices also called suicidal bags of cell ) ; no plant cell possess Lysosomes 


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Plant cell :
1)Plant cells have cell wall made up of cellulose,
2)They contain chloroplasts,
3)They do not have centriole,
4)A large cell vacuole is present in the centre,
5)Nucleus is present in the side of the cell,
Animal cell :
1)Animal cells don't have a cell wall,
2)Chloroplasts are absent,
3)Centriole is present,
4)Vacuoles are very small,
5)In animal cell,nucleus is in centre of the cell.

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