Ann - serah.. is the tiger skin in your house real?
serah - 
Yeah, that’s real. My granny says it’s the skin of a Siberian tiger.
ann - 
 Oh! The Siberian tigers are the largest living felids! Unfortunately there are only a few hundred alive now.
serah - 
 I know. My great-grandfather was a hunter and he hunted it. I really wish he hadn’t.
ann - 
Well, it’s not your fault. I’m sure you don’t like to hurt animals.
serah - 
 I don’t. I love animals. I’m an animal rights activist in fact.
serah - we should do something to save these animals..
now a days our earth is goin to an extreame bad situatn.
ann - the childrn of our mother earth its our duty to save them..
bt..hw will we stop animal cruelty??
serah - 
Well, we are not the government, but there are some things we can do to make a difference.
ann - too think soo.
serah - we should not wear leather jackets or shoes.Nor do I wear fur.
we should use synthetic alternatives.
ann - 
That’s a great idea! 
we should make the people aware about the importance of wildlife..n about these issues.
serah-  ya..we can 
minimize our own impact on the lives of the animals, and also ask your friends to do it.
ann -ya last ..there's the difference..its time for a change..we are the ones who should make the difference.
anyway thanks serah..frm today onwards..i'll try frm my side.. 

hope it helped :)
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