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Good morning one and all present here , ths school was  part of our life and it would be so ... that is why first of all i would like to thank the school for giving me the opportunity to improve myself i thank my teachers that they at time understood me and also scolded me ... i would thank all the parents seating here that they gave me such nice friends ..and last but not the least i would thank the students or just say my dear friends for being such a wonderful part of my life and i request you all to please be so in the future last opinion or advice study ell because exams are not yet over.. 
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My dearest of all my seniors and juniors and my respected teachers, today is the most awaited day of all of us. When we were in primary classes we used to tease our seniors that one day we will bid farewell to them. And at last the day has come. Farewell ceremony is only a celebration of togetherness which has been carried out since a long time in this institution but it does not indicate the farewell from this institution and from the immortal nests called hearts. We all are wishing you a very happy and successful life ahead.