(1) Write a dialogue between your friend Pranav and you on the celebration of "Dahi -handi " in your area. (2)Prepare a report on how "Dahi-handi was celebrated in your area. Points: Dahi-handi under the rule of Supreme Court (News) New Delhi ,In a recent dramatic decision the Supreme Court issued a ban on Dahi -handi of more than 20 feet. Moreover, the age of Govinda is restricted to not less than eighteen. The decision is taken in the light of recent fatal accidents.



Meghith: im so exited tht the festival of dahi handi is around the corner

pranav: yes it is a festival occasion, but i hope u now there are some restriction imposed by the supreme cort regarding celebration.

meghith: ya im aware of the accident that had happened during thefestival
 pranav: so by this cort had banned dahi handi which is put more than the feet of 20 feet

meghith so bcs of ths the  members should be above 18 years
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