You recieved an email from a friend living in a coastal town. He shared a recent experience with you. While swimming on the coastline of the sea in common swimming attire he thought of going deeper inside the sea. He was asked to abstain from going deeper into the sea by the rescue personal. Answer the following question based on above information : a) Why did the rescue personal ask your friend not to swim deeper inside the sea? b) What values were exhibited by the rescue personnel ?



He was asked to not to go inside the sea because of safety measure because the sea was so deep .the values exhibited by the rescue personal was care and safety of him .
A) because he didn't wear a swimming costume and it is unsafe for him to do so.

b) He cared for others and made sure they are out of danger. He believed in the proverb "prevention  is better that cure" as he gave a precaution to the friend beforehand........

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