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Raghav walked fast it was getting dark he then realised that he had lost his way.
He was very scared. He was just walking and don't know where he will reach. His mobile's battery also go dead.  He was confused what to do now.
Just then someone keep his hand on his shoulder. He turned and he saw a man asking him was he lost. If yes he can help him. But as his mother told him never take help from strangers.
So he said no, but face did tell clearly that he has lost his and now scared too. 
As he was saw that the same man also walking on the other side of the road with him. 
When he saw him he starts smiling. His face was also very scary, and his was smile even more.
After few minutes somebody caught him from the back, and that man  said put the boy in the truck. He was a smuggler. He had caught many 
children like this.
The truck after some time started moving. They had hardly moved a few miles away from the the point where raghav was kidnapped. The truck stopped. This was an opportunity for raghav to escape from the trap of smugglers. But then he thought that what about other children they too have their home, their families and there friends.
But then he thought why to worry because, he was a karate player. And can handle the kidnappers alone. He opened the door and first tell all the children get out of the place. Every body has left the place only he was there, as he was about to run when one of the kidnapper caught him. He gave a punch on his face and then a kick.
He fell down on the ground.
He took his phone and called the police.
They thanked him in helping in catching one of the biggest gang in the country known for smuggling.
The police commissioner told him that he will be given bravery award.
and they left him to his house safely where his parents were getting worried for him. 

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