Correct the Error If there is a perfect mountain valley of the world eg of in it is certainly the magnificience valley of kashmir (a) _______ ________ It is surrounded by a snow-capped,lofty (b)_______ ________ mountains which make it a land for springs (c) ________ ________ and beautiful lakes.For the past hundred (d)________ ________ of years the beauty of kashmir have held the (e)________ ________ visitors spellbound.srinagar,the chief cities (f)________ _________ of valley or the summer capital of (g)________ _________ Jammu and Kasmir lying on the banks of the (h) ________ _________ river Jhelum




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(a) magnificence- magnificent.
(b) a - the.
(c) for- of.
(d) hundred- hundreds.
(e) have - has.
(f) cities- city.
(g) or- and.
(h) lying - lies.
(a) magnificent. (b) the. (c) of. (d) hundreds. (e) has. (f) city. (g) and. (h) lies.
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