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(a) Lungs- Cough, difficulty in breathing ; (b) liver- Jaundice ; (c) brain- Haead pain, dizziness
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Lungs are the main respiratory organs that when get affected, result in problems in breathing. For example: In lung tuberculosis ( Lung TB)- TB microbe affect lungs. Its symptoms include continous fever ,Weight loss, cough, chest pain, breathlessness, sputum containing blood.
 Liver is the acessory digestive glands that when get affected may result in problem in digestion and other functions of liver are also deformed. For example: Jaundice where liver is affected result in accumulation of bilirubin in blood as it is not broken down by damaged liver.
Brain is the control centre of the body. When partcular part of brain is affected , then the funtions associated with it are also affected. For example: Asphasia is a speech disabilty which develops as a result of injury in part of brain controlling speech.