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The poet has used vivid imagery throughout the poem to express the moods and nature of the Rain.

When the poet calls the Rain “sigh of the sea”, there is a relief expressed in the lines. The sea is relieved and sighs that now that it has rained there will be fresh water brought to it by the rivers that run down the hills and mountains. 

⇒  The poet calls the Rain “a laughter of the field” because when it rains the fields are nourished and it is a sign that there will be fertility. So, it brings greenery and prosperity and raises the productivity. So, the fields are happy and they laugh and make merry. 

⇒  The Rain is also called “tears of heaven” as when those silver threads pour down from the sky’s tomb, it feels as if the heaven is crying, and those drops are delivered to the nature on the Earth by the hands of God.

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