I am 14 years old boy. My name is Meghith. My grandfather gave me this name. I quite like my name. Meghith  means rain. Mall Road area in a rented apartment I live in Delhi.Mall Road, Delhi University is a well-known area. It is neat and clean with all modern amenities. My father is a college lecturer. He is there to learn Chinese. Sugar addition to my father, to speak and write Hindi, English and other European languages ​​can read. They told me that Chinese is hard to learn.My mother is also highly educated, but she is a housewife. From the very depths of my heart I love both my parents. My mother tells me fascinating stories I read in a public school in the eighth grade. Our school is coeducational. Girl and boy students in my class. They are all good and all my friends. I like sports, but I like to play soccer the most. After classes we play in our school playground. 
Say any topics.. I can help u.