First of all u need to start by giving the good morning line
that is good morning everyone i am HariHaran of class 12
next u have to tell me that 
you going to the throw some information on child labour

and then u give the content related to the child labour
for example
reasons for child labour are
no proper care
no money
domination of rich by poor
no proper rules  
and need to fill their stomach

and then how to stop it
by giving them proper awareness
making the employers getting arrested

and finaly
thank everyone by saying thanku and have a  nice day

good morning everyone I'm fluffy ( use your name instead of mine ). I'm here to deliver a speech on my topic child labour. child labour is one of the most important task or challenge to our country to face and solve it. the child labour in our country is the one among the top most problem in our country. our country's government is really working hard to solve the problem of the child labour, because of  the child labour now a days children aren't attending the school and because of this our government and our country's development is yet struck in between. the child labour effects other things also like employment of the children in future days etc. the child labour should be banned every where in our country. child labour is the most important problem to solve and we need to solve it.