Helen's struggle was not easy but then also she never lost her charm, hope and maintained her spirit of hard work. At a too early age she became deaf and blind. She is a very big reason which will break someone's confidence but she had that courage to overcome her handicaps. Every successful person have a lot of struggle and failure hidden behind his achievements. So most less fortunate is the most successful people of future.
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Strange are the ways of god. This quote is true in the case of Helen. She used all the odds of life in her favour. Many obstacles crossed her path yet she remained valiant. Even though she was less fortunate, she overcame all the hurdles and got educated. Determination and single minded devotion can compel mountains to bow and give passage. With the help of Miss Sullivan, she entered Radcliffe and then the Cambridge institution. She was always like the sun beam. she learned that making others smile, can fill your heart with joy. She worked very hard in pursuing new subjects like Latin and arithmetic, yet disappointments were inevitable but she learned to come out of it. Once she was even accused of plagiarising a novel, at that time Helen realized that life is not just a bed a roses. Hence its no wonder when we say that Helen is always a rich source of inspiration for the less fortunate. She had left  an epitome of inspiration to cherish,honour and emulate.
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