Animals often live in filthy and dilapidated enclosures, Stabled or are Chained in one position for the majority of the day or after their services are over for that day. Animals have no chance to move, let alone express their full range of natural behaviors or to socialize with other members of their species. Circus animals and zoo animals are also not socialized just worked many hours.

DEW Haven breeds their animals, takes the babies from their mothers, and exploits them for profit.The conditions at DEW are horrible: rotting carcasses, inadequate fencing, and dismal cages. There have been numerous complaints filed as a result. Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife is required to oversee the wildlife at DEW and has failed in their duties to protect these animals.

For instance, in 2014 people paid $50 to feed weeks old tiger cubs, a clear violation of their exhibit permit and they were simply told to stop! However, DEW still lets people come personally to their house and pet cubs, as proven by people's personal photos shared every day.

Bob and Julie Miner owners of DEW, take infant exotic animals and carry them around town and into public establishments, which is clearly against the law. In 2002 animals were seized and egregious conditions were photographed and documented by a whistleblower, an example in the photo with this petition. Despite these offenses DEW remained operational. If Maine IF&W had done their job, DEW would have ceased to operate and many animals would have been saved from suffering and abuse.

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