Fashion and style is very very essential and important part of our is necessary because fashion and style describes a person`s way of thinking ...a person`s dressing sense ..and only fashion is the only thing by which we can make many friends because many people are attracted by what they see.......if their would be no fashion then our lives will be totally boring ..there would be nothing to do with our dressing sense ...........and style is also very important because style is swag and fashion is all about style and swag ..
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When i hear the word fashion i think about models that strut around in thousand dollar name brand pieces of fabric. i also remembers the films confessions of a shopaholic or the devil wears prada.Fashion can promote creativity, that it is very important in culture, society, and religion, and it can make you look and feel more u may think that fashion is not important that people should find other ways to be creative like join an art class. Maybe you think that nowadays the clothing choices are just not all that great, and I agree with you in part. Or you could think that if people want to be religious then they can practice their religion just as long as they are in their own home, or a place of worship. You might think that kids shouldn’t be exposed to other cultures besides theirs. Maybe you think that you can look professional without making a big deal about it. And trust me all of these reasons are completely valid and you have the right to think this way. 

fashion can make you more creative in your everyday life. Of course you’re wondering how fashion could possibly improve someone’s creativity. But if you really think about it, when you are getting dressed in the morning what goes through your mind? No matter what it is it's probably pretty creative and you most likely put some thought into it. No matter if you are trying to look like the most popular kids in your school or if you are trying to look like your favorite celebrity.

In addition, fashion is important in culture and religions. When I say that fashion is important to culture and religion you may ask how? How is something so superficial as fashion important to any religion or culture? But when you take the time to look, fashion is everywhere in religions and cultures. For example, Muslim women cover their faces with head scarves. That could definitely be classified as a “fashion statement,” because it is taking the way that you dress and using it for a purpose. If people were to dress in clothes from their religion more often it could possibly create stronger faith in religion and less people feeling like it is odd to wear things like that. It would create stronger faiths because if people were to dress according to their religion it would be a daily reminder of their faith. Last but not least fashion can make you look and feel more professional.If you are wearing something that makes you look more professional to a job interview they are more likely to take you seriously and consider you for the job. If people see you and think that you are professional, well kept, and put together than they are more likely to be nice to you. 

In a stressful and troubled world, it’s a fair question: Does style matter? And if it does, why?

For millions of us, style is important. Very important. And for a surprising number of reasons.

Doesn’t style serve a multitude of purposes? Don’t we enjoy style as a broad range of creative activities and businesses, as a means of self-expression, as a method for distinguishing or differentiating ourselves? Isn’t style a tool for reinforcing or encouraging a particular state of mind? Isn’t it critical to first impressions for dating, mating and substantiating profession and position?