It has it's ups and downs really. 
I like it because I'm not a child, but I'm not an adult either. So I get treated maturely but don't have very many responsibilities yet. 
I dislike being a teenager because: 
- it's emotional/hormonal 
- coursework & homework 
- lots of choices about my future. 
- strong emotions that i can't explain like  bring the tears out .

Many teens suffer from neglect 
. Quite a few are depressed because they have no friends 
. Today, media pressures teens to be "perfect" and have perfect lives 
 A LOT of teens in ma school are in relationships that have a slim chance of lasting. Many relationships are mostly based on looks, popularity, ect. Some relationships last for quite a while though. 
 Some teens get too much academic pressure from parents. Everyone is smarter nowadays 
. drugs . eating disorders (US has a pretty high rate of eating disorders) 
NOT ALL but many teens today are super spoiled 
 Teens have the worst role models (Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, reality shows on Mtv/ Vh1, ect) to look up to today compared to the last generation. 
. This is kinda related to #1 but parents are ridiculously busy today. As a result, some teens get into prostituion if they feel unloved and low confidence. . A few teens are jealous of other teens who "perfect" (people who are well rounded and also have everything) and feel like nothing when thats not true 
. Majority of teens are always on facebook/internet unless they hang out with their friends. Nobody comes outside anymore 
13. School is too stressful nowadays (academically) 
14. There are a few teens who have to take care of mentally unstable parents which eats up their time to hang out with their friends and to enjoy being a teen 
Internet want to like to do my School homework because it's too hard and I have many choices about my future but I was not like that I do that