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Radha turned the key in the front door, then walked into the entryway where she was called by her friends to come up . It was dark inside the room and scary also .As was she was scared of darkness so she unable to tolerate the darkness .
Today was her birthday n nobody wished her . She was already sad and now scared too. She started calling her friends Richa, Kirti and Sanya . They four were bff . They can't imagine there life without each other . As Radha was in the middle of the room lights get on and she was shocked.
Her friends remembered her birthday and it was big hall and all decorated everybody there was wishing her happy birthday.
not only her friends were there her family members were present her mom , her dad, grand pa , grand ma and cute little bro.
Radha felt like she was dreaming as it was such a wonderful and pleasant surprise. 
There was her birthday cake as she wanted.
Everything was according to what she always desired to have but never demanded for it.
She got a guitar from her parents.
A big teddy from her friends.
And a bouquet of  roses from her bro.
She thought she have best parents in the world, she have best bro in the world and world's best friends who organised this party with the help of her parents.
This was the best birthday she had ever.
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