You recently moved to a new job transfer. write a letter to your friend informing him of this move. in this letter : 1. describe the new city 2. explain
how life in this city is different compared to the previous city 3. invite your friend and family to visit you in the new city 4. say what your new job profile is.



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Dear Kareena Chopra,
                                         How are  you doing. I am going to disclose a surprise.I am moving to CHENNAI, with my family and the whole lot.This city is mesmerizing,I tell you.The pollution levels are comparatively low,and guess what?I do not know how to catch up with Tamil, but I am a fast learner.The food here is pure amusement.I love the tamil nadu cuisine.
I am cordially inviting you and your family to join me this summer to taste this new kind of life.I have completed my internship and moving to being the assistant manager.

Shahrukh Kapoor

I am just a Kid and do not know anything about business,but hope it helps you.

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Thanks a lot
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