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Hey I am only writing the body of letter...... Hope it will help you........ Dear Mom,( from next line)............... I am fine here with good mood and health and hope that you will also be fine at your place. First I want to wish you a many many happy returns of the day in advance. This day is really special not only for you and pops but also for me as I will miss you a lot on this auspicious day. I am so sorry that I'll not be able to join you this time as I have my exams but my love is with you mumma. I am so far from you but you are in my heart and I love you a lot and I hope that you'll enjoy this greatful day. I know I am out of country but don't let this spoil your day. I promise I'll be back soon with a great gift for you. Mom if you love me then you'll definitely celebrate your birthday and plzz send me the pics too. I have a surprise for you........... Guess what? As I am not with you but then also I'll be with you. On your birthday I'll call you on Skype and I'll spare some time to enjoy the celebration. I hope that you'll understand because you are my mom. Give my love to pops.... (Next line).......... Yours lovely ( next line. )................... Shona.
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