France Turbine is radially in ward or mixed flow Turbine
Kaplan Turbine is partially axial floe

France Turbine disposition of shaft is in vertical or horizontal direction
Kaplan Turbine disposition of shaft is only in vertical direction

France Turbine has very large number of blades 16 to 24
Kaplan Turbine has very small number of blades 3 to 8

France Turbine Runner vanes are not adjustable
Kaplan Turbine Runner vanes are adjustable

France Turbine very large resistances have to be over come
Kaplan Turbine very less resistances have to be over come

France Turbine regular generator is required
Kaplan Turbine heavy duty generator is required
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What is the difference between Kaplan and Francis Turbines?

• In Kaplan turbine water enters axially and leaves axially, while in Francis turbine water enters the runner radially and exits axially.

• The Kaplan turbine runner has 3-8 blades while Francis turbine runner has 15-25 blades in general.

• Kaplan turbine has a higher efficiency than Francis turbine.

• Kaplan turbine is smaller and compact compared to Francis turbine.

• The rotation speed (RPM) is higher than that of the Francis turbine.

• Kaplan turbine has lesser friction loss and higher efficiency.

• Kaplan turbines can operate under a wide range of head conditions, but Francis turbine requires relatively higher head conditions.

• Kaplan turbines are used in small hydro power plants.

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