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They revolted because they took away their land. Imposed high tax on them . Most of them were removed from their houses . While some were allowed to stay in the land but they have to provide free labour for the british Hope this helps
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The people a bastar revolt against the British for the following reason:-

1) In 1905, the British put a stop on shifting cultivation, hunting and collection of forest produce, which affected the people of Bastar.

2) some of the villagers were allowed to stay in the reserved forests on the condition that they would cut and transport trees and protect the forests from fire for forest department for free.

3) People of other villages word displaced without any notice or compensation.

4) villagers had been suffering from increased land rents and demand for free level by British official s.

5) The problems were added by the terrible famines of 1899 - 1900 and 1907 - 1908.
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