There is a man in the desert and his is thirsty and didnot find water anywhere there. But atlast after a long search he finds water in a shop but to his surprise he finds no money in his pocket and he cannot even borrow money or water from anyone. he only have to buy it but unfortunately no money. He cannot even work. So how he is going to drink water and save his life?

give me a best answer ezra pls


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Are there any shops in desert......... he will find cactus he can cut any cactus and get water inside it .................because cactus's store water

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Thanks! I think i need to be a little clear on the question! By the way thanks for your immedt response and I appreciate you for yr quick intelligence! Keep up the spirit and knowledge
welcome i need a best answer for that

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He must have self-confidence and gather up all the strength to look up for an oasis. He must look up for any source of living organisms because there must be any agent or their food. He must have to check if the ground is damp and if it is then he will have to dig and dig and search for water beneath the surface of the soil. He can also find cactus but some can be dangerous as they are full of thorns and poison.Cactus have long roots and absorb water from greater depths of soil.
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