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Children have the most tender mind and have a tendency to grasp things quickly whether good or bad.
Now-a-days the news channels are flooded with Crimes committed by children, especially teenagers and adolescents. They are termed as Juvenile and they get saved from harsh punishment like death, but what is the main cause behind such increasing crime.
Its because they fall into wrong company and indulge themselves in crime.

It should be the joint effort of parents and all elders to inculcate good habits in children.
Their moral should be boosted so that they are conscious enough to judge what is wrong and what is right for them.
They should realize themselves that whose company is good for them and whose can be harmful for them.
Above all, the children who commit crimes which are too objectionable should be punished so as the other fear to do such crimes.

It should be the effort of all to make India free from her Children commit crime. 
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As we all say children or youths are the future of our country so the future of India is depend on the children if they are good and crime free then the future of India will also be crime free and if children are criminals then the future of the country would be also same .
If today children do small wrong things then when they will be big their wrong things will be big and children do wrong things because if parents do not have much money so they send their children for work and their they adopt that things that is happening in their surroundings or with them like how their manager treat them and as their parents are not their so no one is their to tell them what is right and what is wrong ,what to do and what to not do so they adopt these wrong things and become a criminal .
Not only because of child labors also children do wrong things when their parents not look after them like what they are doing and the parents are busy with their jobs then also children choose wrong paths and start doing bad things .
So to improve these things and want a crime free country in future children must study and learn manners ,discipline and good things and child labours must be band and also parents should give sometime to their children then the future of our country will be bright and crime free. 
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