When I think back to the days when I was a child, I think about all of my wonderful childhood memories. Often I wish to go back, back to that point in life when everything seemed simpler. Sometimes I think about it too much, knowing I cannot return. Yet there is still one place I can count on to take me back to that state of mind, my grandparent’s house and the land I love so much. Their house was old. My grandparents lived in it most of their adult lives. It was white with black trimming, but most of the paint was chipped away....
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Cartoons show childhood memories
And who can Forgot Pokemon.Pokemon image credit
As much as we love Beyblade on TV, so does we love to play with them in real. We used to have a proper tournaments of Beyblade in real.Beyblade childhood memories
I use to buy Cheetos just for Tazoos and flaunt them in front of my friends. We use to count, who have the most.Tazos
Cricket with Friends
From morning to evening only playing cricket that was life was then in childhood. Our parents use to come in search of us ‘where the hell we are playing’.Street Cricket childhood memoriesImage By: John Haslam/CC BY
Pen Fight
A favorite time-pass in school time. I used to use a heavy pen just to get an edge in this game over others.Pen Fight
Brick Game
It was our very personal childhood version of what is known as ‘Playstation/PSP’ today.Brick Game childhood memoriesImage By: Elin Borg
Playing Mario
This do not require any introduction. Everyone is familiar with this retro game, which is still favorite of many including me.Mario gameAlso Read: 14 Struggle of Engineering Student Life
Best way to test Friendship then.flame game childhood memoriesimage credit
Peeling dried Fevicol
I Just love to peel that dried Fevicol out of my hand. It looks as if you are removing your skin.Fevicol
If you was born in late 90’s then I am sure you would have read atleast one of them. Some them are still published and teaches you some life lesson.comics childhood memories
Whether going to school, exploring new places and racing like MotoGP; cycles used to be our best friend then.
Who can forget Slow Cycle race.cycling
Hide & Seek
Seriously I miss it badly.Hide and Seek childhood memories
Remember the diolog ‘Mere Mantri Kon?’ Yes we are talking about: Raja, Mantri, Vajeer & Chor game here. A favourite time pass in school time.Raja, Vajeer, Shipahi, Chor Indian game childhood memories
Stone Skimping
Throwing Stone in water and having competition with friends that who’s stone skimps the most time.
And now we study the physics behind it!Stone skimmingImage By: Killy Ridols/CC BY
Chasing Dragonfly
We use to call them ‘helicopter’ then. But chasing them was a real fun.Dragon Fly
And who can forgot Butterflies down the roads of your colony. I guess most of you have done this.Buterfly childhood memoriesAlso Read: 4 Best & Secure Alternative to Google Play Store
Water Boat
Who can forgot making Paper Boats in rainy season and float them. All of us use to do that.paper boat game
Playing in Sand
I remember very well; once I was playing with sand and inured my figure and came to realise only when I was on my way to home. Love to make castle in Sands with my friends and test whose castle is more stronger by destroying it.