1-hi there I am going to sit here

2- oh no, its my place let me help u with some place lets share the place know

1-oh u look so genuine and good

2-it ok no mention

2-tell me something about ur family ??

1- I just got married I have wife named emy

1-what about ur family?

2- I am not yet married

1- well then my station came

1-bye,once again thanks for the set

2- no mention

2-bye then,I wish v could met soon again

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Nancy: Hey, Rosy! How are you?Rosy: I’m fine. Thank you! How are you? Where are you going? Nancy: I’m going to Madurai. I heard that you got the first prize in the painting competition. Congratulations? Rosy: Thank you, Nancy. Please have somechocolates. Nancy: Thank you, Rosy. (She eats one.) It’s very tasty. Where did you buy it? Rosy: My uncle is in Gujarat. He always sends me milk chocolates. Nancy: Oh! That is the reason for your rosy, chubby cheeks. Rosy: Come on! Don’t tease me, dear. These chocolates are really delicious! I just love them. Nancy: By the way, next month I am going to Gujarat. Rosy: When you go there, you can meet my uncle. He is working in Amul Dairy. He will take you around the dairy, a place worth visiting.(There is an announcement)“Passengers! Your attention please. Train 2637, PandianExpress, bound for Madurai will leave at 21.30 hours from platform 3.” Nancy: I’m sorry, Rosy. My train is about to start. I’ll see you later. There is an announcement about your train also.Bye!