All people are travellers; all people choose their own paths on a map of their life. "The Road Not Taken � reminds us of how we come to make these choices. It's about the one thing that everybody will meet, times and times through out life. The road in this poem is not just a road. This road is a symbol of choices in our lives that we must make. The choices we make and the outcome of these choices are the main point in "The Road Not Taken �.

As a human who has enough power of understanding and ability to recognize issues, we do not want to make our decisions by fate. The poem is a story about a walk on a wooded road in a fall morning. "Yellow � in the opening line describes the fall trees. In the first stanza, the speaker talks about two roads and how they are similar. This person is alone on this road and alone in considering what decision to make. He knows that the choice he makes will decide his future forever. He is sorry that he cannot take both roads and must take only one of them. The outcomes cannot be seen ever by looking as far as he could to where the roads disappear is the undergrowth. This is a symbolic of those who trying to find out what each choice may bring, but there is limitation. So, this could be the most difficult time to make a decision that must be made with care. This stanza represents the face of having to make two choices which will affect the rest of ones life.

"Then took the other, as just as fair, � the most difficult situation on our lives, the time of decide that we select a choice with all possible considerations. Even though it seems both roads appear equal, but in the end he chooses the one less travelled. In making this choice he knows he will never again have the chance to return to this road. In choosing this road, he has chosen his fate and thus his future