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-samvad lekhan structure-

(give an introductory paragragh here in brackets at the very beginning of ur lekhan . In this para u are supposed to write about the characters pertaining to ur samvad . How are they related amongst themselves. what are they talking about . WHY, WHERE and WHEN exactly this samvad is taking place (time and venue )

*with a pencil , very lightly draw a vertical reference line all along the length of the paper at the extreme left after the margin line; leave a 3 finger space for writing ur character's name
...only and only for YOUR reference. on the left side of the line , write the name of ur character whichever happens to say a particular dialogue. on the right hand side write the dialogue . continue to write the dialogue on the RHS of the reference line MAKE SURE ur style of dialogue writing contains no SLANG OR FOUL words or phrases whatsoever . use proper and conventional but short sentences for better understanding. ON THE REFERENCE LINE put a colon (:) sign .
again remember this line is for ur reference. .by putting all colons against the name of the characters u will present ur dialog in a very great format .remember to rub off that line becs in is sometimes not appropriate for exams.*
maybe u'll be given how many dialogues u r supposed to write for each character. .or even for all the characters in total . if not ..let each character have minimum of 5 MEANINGFUL dialogues . start and end ur dialogue with some interesting lines rather than just " Hello!" or "ok bye "
eg- for the start dialogue -
(as u want it in marathi I presume!)
" अरे! किती दिवसांनंतर भेट होतेय आपली, कसा/कसे आहेस/आहात तु/ तुम्ही?
end it in a similarly colourful fashion .
hope u get it by now . for any futher queries do comment ... I'll edit my answer to solve them !

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hope it helped . just throw in some feedback ! ^-^