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the character sketch of captain robinson and den metro

gullivers travell II term

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William Robinson is a former captain of Gulliver's. In book 3, when Gulliver returns home to England, the captain visits him and offers him a position on his ship as a surgeon.

Den Metro? I'm not sure who you are referring to?

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sukhpal kaur

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Captain William Robinson was the commander of ship called Hopewell. He was a Cornish man and treated Gulliver like a brother. He had been on a voyage with Gulliver and that is why he knew him well. He wanted him to be a part of his next voyage to East Indies.

Don Pedro was the captain of the Portuguese ship that took Gulliver back to Europe after he was forced to leave the country of the Houyhnhnms. He was a generous man as he offered Gulliver his own best suit of clothes to replace the tatters he was wearing. He was also able to make a conversation with Gulliver though Gulliver disliked him a lot

For the third voyage, Gulliver is visited by Captain William Robinson with a proposal for “a voyage to the East Indies in two months.” Gulliver begins his third voyage on August 5, 1706.While the captain resolves to attend to his business at Tonquin, he gives the command of a sloop to Gulliver.