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Animals forms the major part of our ecosystem. They are very important for us as they provide us with basic necessities like food,fabrics,etc..If they are so important than why we exploit them ,they too have life ,they also get hurt,they also feel pensive when treated badly like humans. When we see street dogs our first reaction is to throw stones at them even if they are harmless. We load the donkeys,cows and other animals use for carrying goods between places with heavy stuff even when they are weak our unable of bear the load. We kill birds for the sake of our entertainment. There are endless instance of humans threatening animals. Lets me ask you the question, if you are exploited don't you seek action against the exploiter similary don't animals have diginity? Like all other creatures on this earth animals all have the right to live freely and not to be used unwisely. Respect them they will reciprocate it to you. Have some heart for animals because they too have heart which hurts when you abuse them
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